Employment Opportunities

Lease private or semi-private hair stations and two nail stations

Tired of working in a room that feels like a big warehouse or in a line that gives little to no privacy? Our salon is big enough to accomodate all of your clients needs yet quaint enough to make your clients feel like they have come home. We feel your clients' time is their time to relax and enjoy their stay. Our receptionists are there to help you with your customers needs. Do your own books or let us help you book your way to success. Bring your clientel and let us take care of both you and your clients. A private room is great place for a cosmetic tattoo artist, massage, electrolysis or a private hair station. It's just the little extras that make us stand out.

Call Denise: 503-708-8124

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Our front lobby is set up for the clients' comfort when waiting for appointments. Plus they can use the book exchange for their pleasure.


In our hair booths, you do not feel as if you are in a warehouse.


Our stations are made to be personal and comfortable.


Our nail side is both comfortable and cozy.


Our decore makes you feel as if you have come home and are not just in a big warehouse.